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Kaizen 2.0 - Beech - 70/30 - Dark and Light Blue - Silk

This Dark and Light Blue 70/30 split is coated with silk matte paint which has a smooth & tacky feel. It provides the right amount of stick, while still allowing for adjustments during balance tricks. The 2.0 ken shape is thicker and boasts several improvements over the original Kaizen. 3 Piece Traditional Assembly made of Beech wood Larger cups than the original Kaizen Cup rims widened and arched to lock in stall tricks Refined slip stop for better grip and stalls Thicker shape designed to improve balance 70/30 design great for tracking This Kaizen Kendama comes in professional packaging and includes an instruction manual, free stickers, plus a white replacement string & bead pack in the box. This is a standard sized Kendama: 7 inches tall.